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Colombian Brunch, Super buffet Colombiano

Saturday Brunch Colombian Style

The past Saturday we were invited to Glenda´s house for a Colombian brunch fillled with our favorite foods. Empanadas, pork fritters, arepas, green plantain fritters, ají and avocado salsa, white farmer´s cheese, chorizo, coffee and soursop juice.

As we sat around the table of goodies we celebrated Joseph´s birthday.

Almuerzo para cumpleaños de Joseph al estilo Colombiano
Con una mesa llena de nuestra comida celebramos el cumpleaños de Joseph el pasado sábado. Había empanadas, arepas, chicharron, queso blanco, arañitas de plátano verde, chorizo, ají y ají de aguacate, huevos revueltos, café y jugo de guanabana.  
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Patricia McCausland-Gallo is a nutritionist, pastry chef, teacher, and food writer born in the Caribbean town of Barranquilla, Colombia. She has a B.S. in Foods and Nutrition from Louisiana State University, attended a School for Retort Operations, and completed courses of instruction prescribed by the Food and Drug Administration.