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Coconut Rice

Elvira, who has worked at my mother´s place for more than 25 years makes coconut rice the most delicious way. She does this for my short three day stay at home and so I make a short video. Coconut rice this way is brown colored like titoté yet it doesn´t have the coconut crackles in it. She blends the meat of 2 coconuts with its coconut water and places it in a caldero pot. It cooks for about 20 minutes with panela or raw sugar, until it is thick and dark brown. In the meantime she makes more coconut milk by adding warm water to the leftover blended coconut and reblends it until she gets 8 more cups of strained coconut milk. Then she places this second blended coconut water into the pot and mixes to create a liquid that is lightly golden. She adds the raisins, rice and salt and cooks the rice over high heat until it makes eyes and you can see the rice on the surface of the coconut milk. Then covers it for 20 minutes and voila!!!! Wonderful coconut rice for all.

For more exact measurements go to the link above.
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