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Cooking with Coffee a delicious Anti-Oxidant


Cooking with Coffee

a delicious Anti-Oxidant!

will cook with coffee

Cooking with coffee will certainly provide you your daily anti-oxidants in the most delicious and varied foods. And for so many of us there are too many words coming up on longevity and health. Anti- Oxidants, Omega 3 ́s, Free Radicals, phytochemical? Which is more important than the other? Well they all are, and they are all essential in a healthy diet, and I can explain it from a cooks point of view. Imagine you are an apple or a pear, and your are sliced each time you come in contact with excess fun, pollutants, stress and the flu. Well you would turn brown and slowly spoil and die. So antioxidants come to delay or prevent the browning of the apple or the pear, sort of the way lime juice does to the apple or pear so they can have a longer shelf life.

Why Cooking with coffee a deliciosa anti-oxidant? I wanted to bring you some short phrases off the serious schools and organizations’  web documents that explain about coffee’s  antioxidant properties. You can read them at the end. And even though the book has a lot of recipes for desserts and sweets, as well as greens and beef and seafood, this is my take on this issue, coffee and on life itself.


Life is an unknown time-lapse movie of our own individual person. A group of us form a community and all those communities form countries and eventually all of our planet. The planet, which is as far as we can go now for life itself, sustenance, oxygen, water and food, is our only source of these tangible needs. The body is created needing a mother to feed it, and from then on it needs to eat to live and reach its own dream; to make a reality one of infinite possibilities that we might feel we want to achieve. So we use the planet for this, and it presents us with a huge array edible products of color, flavor, aroma, texture and taste. But, some of us decide to use only a small variety of those foods, and other foods in excess. Others have found the need to feed populations by transforming the organics from earth into eatable products too, and thus a more varied collection of possibilities to eat from. And here is where the problem arises… An unbalance of any food in our body will create an un balance of our physical and sometimes emotional states. Now this sounds unfair for those without the education and the sources of information that exist for some of us? So, nature gives us colors, and colors can guide us through a way of achieving some longevity; using that brain it gave us too, we decipher the rest and live longer generation to generation. So I would say it would be wise to keep this planet, or base we have, as a healthy planet, a good and productive one if we want it to be here for out next of kin. So, Cooking with Coffee a delicious Anti-Oxidant works!

cooking with coffee

Going back to Cooking with coffee a delicious antioxidant, there are some delicious and new, easy to prepare recipes that are prepared with old time ingredients: coffee, sugar, butter, milk and eggs… There are other prepared with coffee, asparagus, salmon, tangerines and sesame oil. And why, because they are all delicious when combined with coffee too! But we can balance our eating patterns and have some fun whilst in this planet too. So we can cook with coffee all of those and many more amazing foods you would have never imagined.

There are three major needs we have in order to attain a joyful and productive existence, and those are love, food and spirituality . When we feel loved, and believe in something, even if that something is nothing, and treat our body to good food we can allow our body to go into peaceful relaxation, thus reducing stress too, and needing less antioxidants. But since we are not perfect, and life is a bit more complicated that this, we must try to balance time, work, family, space, food and communication in a world that we have made smaller and smaller, and we feel time is running faster than ever. So we need to give ourselves more pats in the back and little bites of love and chocolatey, delicious, scrumptious nutty bites filled with Grand Marnier and coffee so we can in turn, look out and watch all the beautiful things we have around us.

cooking with coffee

And for all of you men, in look for the panacea and longer lasting youthfulness, it is my personal belief, you can ask around to your medical professionals, that antioxidants can help blood pressure and in turn revitalize your sex life….so lets get on it because coffee will certainly provide you your daily anti-oxidants

Indeed we need lots of coffee and greens and vegetables and fruit and love and tiny amounts of sweets and alcohol and a few other goodies that come fine in small amounts. Halfway into the book you will find all sorts of warm and cold beverages with coffee, herbs and spices, amazing for the body too, and then a whole chapter on salads and the next of main dishes. They are all delicious, different and incredibly easy to prepare ways to Cook with Coffee as a delicious Anti-Oxidant! So each time you eat or drink anything you like, enjoy each bite, and make it worth your while. Life is still too short, give a push with coffee in your favorite foods. Coffee will certainly provide you your daily anti-oxidants.

Enjoy the recipes of the book, all of them the sweets and the savory.   Following are some very interesting articles on why coffee will certainly provide you your daily anti-oxidants.

cooking with coffee

“Is Caffeine a Good Scavenger of Oxygenated Free Radicals?”

The Journal of Physical Chemistry B

Scientists are reporting an in-depth analysis of how the caffeine in   coffee, tea, and other foods seems to protect against conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease on the most fundamental levels. The report, which describes the chemistry behind caffeine’s antioxidant effects, appears in ACS’ The Journal of Physical Chemistry

American Chemical Society,

That morning cup of coffee may do more than just perk you up. A new study shows that coffee is the primary source of antioxidants for Americans.
This finding may come as a surprise to some since scientists and nutrition experts usually tout fruits and vegetables as the best source of antioxidants – chemicals that prevent cellular damage. But, this study shows for the first time that Americans get most of their antioxidants from their daily fix of java.
That morning cup of coffee may do more than just perk you up. A new study shows that coffee is the primary source of antioxidants for Americans.
This finding may come as a surprise to some since scientists and nutrition experts usually tout fruits and vegetables as the best source of antioxidants – chemicals that prevent cellular damage. But, this study shows for the first time that Americans get most of their antioxidants from their daily fix of java.
Coffee is indeed one of the richest sources of phenolics in the western diet and can potentially pack a strong antioxidant punch, in theory protecting cells if the body’s natural mechanisms fail to keep levels of reactive oxygen species under control. Yet the story is far more complex than a simple battle between antioxidants and free radicals. All of the antioxidant-rich products, from red wine to coffee, have far subtler modes of action than previously thought, says Alan Crozier, a plant biochemist at the University of Glasgow, UK.
Men who regularly drink coffee appear to have a lower risk of developing a lethal form of prostate cancer, according to a new study led by Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) researchers. The lower risk was evident among men who drank regular or decaffeinated coffee.
More Good News for Coffee Drinkers 12/18/04
There have been many reports about the adverse health effects of coffee consumption, but often these small studies were revisited and subsequently discounted. Now comes a recent purported benefit from drinking coffee! A study of 125,000 people who regularly drink coffee found a reduced risk of developing type 2-diabetes. Men had to drink more than six cups a day to reduce their risk of becoming diabetic by half; women got only a thirty percent reduction drinking the same amount of coffee. Less than six cups a day still reduced the risk of developing type-2 diabetes, but to a lesser extent. Even decaffeinated coffee had a moderate positive effect. The explanation is unclear; it was speculated that minerals such as magnesium or antioxidants in the coffee were involved. Drinking too much coffee has its downsides by causing problems with your nervous, cardiovascular, and digestive systems as well as your bladder. Strike a balance, but enjoy your coffee. You can have sixcups a day. (January 6, 2004, Annals of Internal Medicine, summarized in Mayo Clinic Health Letter, October 2004, page 4).

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Patricia McCausland-Gallo is a nutritionist, pastry chef, teacher, and food writer born in the Caribbean town of Barranquilla, Colombia. She has a B.S. in Foods and Nutrition from Louisiana State University, attended a School for Retort Operations, and completed courses of instruction prescribed by the Food and Drug Administration.