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Passion for Coffee

Passion for Coffee

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Passion for Coffee, a way of life, a meaning to each day, a rising for many that creates a network of unknown human beings all in one simple group, for love and Passion for Coffee.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 6.26.19 AMNothing makes me feel a sense of accomplishment more than a letter from a reader. This one especially is so lovely and filled with a sense of what I wish to give every reader who gets a hand on my book, Passion for Coffee. I would love to share the book with the world; some times you feel there is something you must tell the whole wide world, and ridiculous as it may seem, I too think this about Passion for Coffee, my book. It is about the lives of so many people entwined in one single cup of this magical drink that opens our eyes to the world every morning… It is the lives of those early morning risers, under cool, cloudy mountain dew, that raise with joy and love to work a crop that can be tasted throughout the world in so many different aromas and flavours… It is the passion of the managers, grinders and engineers in off-white boots, kakhi pants and wide smiles on their face at packaging plants… It is the passion of the roaster and the care he takes with the precious bean… that moves the wheel of coffee throughout the world and creates a Passion for Coffee that I try to convoy in my book, Passion for Coffee.Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 6.24.44 AM

This letter arrived at my inbox yesterday, and I wanted to share it with you:

…The first morning home from Panama,I arose early and ground up my Panamanian beans,brewed a pot and sat down in our kitchen nook. I opened my Passion for Coffee book and started to absorb what had just happened in the past week.The sponge was full,more than one could possibly absorb in such a whirlwind tour.It left me wishing for more,the chance to open yet another door, to go deeper within and get closer to where these people had been. I left it at that and proceeded to read.

The dedication began,by thanking two beautiful people I had just met. Your forward thinking mother who inspired you to be bold and brilliant,creative and confident,who could wish for more….and your husband who enjoys life to the fullest and shares his love so generously with others. His passion for life is infectious.

Back to the book,I loved the real life stories of farmers and growers,people with a passion who bring the bean to life. They give it a foundation,they give it meaning. Their roots run deep and they are providing a livelihood for generations.

You went within to expose nature,science and gods great work…the people who nurture the bean to perfection and send it our way.

Love abounds in your work. Your writing is superb. Humble and heartfelt.

Pardon me for expounding to this degree,but so much of what you have written resonates in my rural upbringing. I won’t drag on.

What I simply started out to say was,thanks for sharing so much in so many ways.

Well done all around.

Aunt Jodi,Tia jodi as Tita would say.

Love her so much.

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Recipe for Passon for Coffee from a friend to you…

One little grain of green

just happened to be seen

by a tiny flock of sheep

tired and thirsty out down deep

in the sunny warm and steep

land of African Kaldi

So it all goes back along

an unknown of birth and time

where we all were just surprised

by that wonder energized

of a red or green round seed

that itself just tasted green

not long after

in days or faster

it was cleaned and ground to be

our favorite drink indeed

just for thinkers, leaders too

all the gentiles could not know

that amazing taste the seed

soothing coffee from the ground

was so quietly kept within


now the whole world gets to share

an amazing cup of care

full of life and love and dare

and even flavors to compare.

It belongs to all, these days

as we hope it always stays.


 Carrying coffe bean

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Patricia McCausland-Gallo is a nutritionist, pastry chef, teacher, and food writer born in the Caribbean town of Barranquilla, Colombia. She has a B.S. in Foods and Nutrition from Louisiana State University, attended a School for Retort Operations, and completed courses of instruction prescribed by the Food and Drug Administration.