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Instant Coffee Cooks

Instant Coffee Cooks

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Instant Coffee Cooks

How To Cook With Instant Coffee

Instant coffee cooks, it is  the most practical way to cook with coffee. We could say this because it keeps well on the cupboard and it sits there for immediate use. There are two types of instant coffee, the freeze dried variety and the powdered dehydrated instant coffee. There are also two styles of grain size and shape, a larger uneven grain and a completely pulverized grain. They each have their best ways to be used with and work wonders with our recipes so this is how Instant Coffee Cooks:

Freeze dried coffee is my favorite type of instant coffee to cook with. It keeps most of its aroma even after baking and is perfect to mix with dry ingredients. It will not mix well with syrups or a variety of wet mixes that have high sugar content or fat in them.

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This can be good when you want to be able to bite the coffee and not so good when you want to dilute the coffee to prepare a sauce. Freeze dried coffee mixes fantastically with water or vinegars so it is the one I usually chose when preparing dressings or vinaigrettes. After the coffee is diluted with the water or vinegar then it will dissolve perfectly in the rest of the mixture. The flavor of freeze dried coffee will be transferred to the mixture even if it is not heated, making it great for beverages too. When baking cakes, muffins, tarts or pies in it is often interesting to be able to see the spots of the coffee. This is where I also use the freeze dried version of instant coffee, because you can bite into the crunchy dots with out breaking a tooth, which could happen if you crack coffee grains into a batter. Then the rest of the preparation can be reinforced with the coffee o not, depending on the taste and design you want to attain. When I need to add freeze dried coffee to a syrup, I first dilute it with equal amounts of water and then pour the syrup over the mixed diluted coffee; I pour the mixture into the mixed coffee because the coffee mixture is usually so much smaller in volume than the batter, that I would rather not loose any of this delicious flavorful concentrated coffee mix when transferring it into the larger batter or syrup. Keeping the bite in the coffee mixture is simple; it should be done at the end of the mixing time so that not much of the instant coffee dissolves and disintegrates under the friction of the mixing process. Then just enjoy watching the dotted coffee dots in a variety of beautiful breads, cakes and desserts as well as tarts and special sauces. This is the best way To Cook With Instant Coffee – granular freeze dried type.


Baking is the second favorite way To Cook With Instant Coffee; freeze dried instant coffee. I believe it keeps the aroma and flavors best over long periods of time under heat. It can also be used to replace other forms of prepared coffee your recipe asks for: concentrated coffee, concentrated coffee syrup for savory foods or concentrated coffee syrup for drinks. The only change that needs to be done is to evaluate if you need to sweeten the final product just a bit. Normally I don ́t change the recipe and all is fine. Depending on my mood if I wanted sweeter or stronger.

How Instant Coffee Cooks. Powdered or finely ground instant coffee is the easiest to use, it allows for perfect dilution in any type of mixture, at any temperature. It is wonderful to use as decoration by passing it along with powdered sugar or other ingredients through a sieve. You can use it over stencils to add your own special signature to your coffee dishes. I use it mainly for the later but it can also be used in dishes that do not need to bake for long periods of time. Sauces work great, seasoning meats too, it dilutes while infusing the product with the flavor and with the amazing properties of the marvelous red bean.

DECAF Instant Coffee Cooks! Instant coffees also lend themselves to be used in the decaf form. This is lifesaving for many because those people who must use decaf form of coffee can also cook with it. Decaf coffee has a lot of the same benefits and antioxidants that regular coffee does. This is established in many serious studies that can be found on university and government web pages.


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So lets get going and get on with trying To Cook With Instant Coffee. oUse one of the blog’s or the books delicious recipes with instant coffee. To prepare the mixture you must to the following. When a recipe calls for a coffee syrup you must use that amount of water with half of the amount of freeze dried coffee or one fourth of the amount of instant coffee. If the recipe calls for freeze dried coffee, then use half the amount of powdered to freeze dried type. And you can also try using 1 to 1 freeze dried coffee to concentrated coffee or to espresso, it works wonderfully well.

Good luck, and write back on your experience.

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