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Sushi Gari in New York City

Back to a place where we go every time we visit the city, not only because it sits across the street from my sister’s house but because the sushi here is as authentic as it can be but if you want a twist on the Japanese art of food you can also get some of Gari’s best ideas each day with the OMIKASE, the most Avatn Garde way of preparing sushi that tastes like the fish being served.

A cold night was warmed up this time with a special Miso Soup with spice and potatoes and also with traditional miso. Plates included tempura, duck with balsamic and pear, which was divine, and chef’ Gari’s selection of Eel and Tuna sushi.
For dessert we had tiny icecream herbal tea strawberry and red bean wrapped in rice flour dough, they were very very good.
Go to Gari Sushi with an open mind and let him explode your senses. Do order some cooked food it is outstanding too. The salads you can pass.
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