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It was amazing to receive this email from Dr. Clyde Wilson this morning…

Hello Patricia,
Although the first half of this talk is focused on how brains are different between different species, roughly half-way or 2/3 through it the speaker all of a sudden shows that without cooking we could never have eaten enough to grow our brains to where they are.  Cooking was required for our evolution to conscious human beings.  That is intense


Dr. CLyde and I are writing a book for all of you who want to increase your metabolic rate. As I was writing my prologue I included this paragraph:

 Humans have fed themselves for ever; even when there were no fancy stores, ovens, knives and cutting boards.  Breads and pasta were prepared by civilizations way back. Many coats of arms show fruits and vegetables overflowing from cornucopias. We are innately good cooks; we know what we like; we are attracted to certain types of flavor, sweet, sour, salty and tart. Maybe a mix of all of them is best as it has been shown with the sixth sense, Umami. So lets go ahead and mix, mix ingredients to prepare foods that we think we might like. Lets feel free to add spices and herbs, peppers and oils. Lets go into the kitchen and grab whatever we have found interesting in the market, that beautiful food that was in season, and cut it up, add some quality seasonings, cook it or try it raw, laugh and live the bounty this world has given us for our lifetime. Before any specific cooking book was written, humans found a way to cook in the best possible way for their own palates. Lets do that!”

Now check the TED TALKS link here to understand what I mean.
Let’s all enjoy cooking our way.
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