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What is WELLNES by Pachi

creative culinary by PACHI

what is wellness

Wellness is beyond fitness. It is a balance of the body and mind that I believe is our goal in life. A walk through each ones path through which we touch and are touched by those close to us and nowadays by almost everyone in this global earth. It is what I feel is needed to obtain that happiness that we all deserve by being children of a greater God or power, whichever each person wants to call IT. It is being able to tend to our personal and social responsibilities as well a troubles and turns along the way. It is being able to catch what it thrown at us and send it somewhere it must go. Fo all of this we need wellness, and in my case I have a part that I fell am an expert at, and that is at Food, cooking, eating and enjoying our sustenance in this life on earth.

The CORE of WELLNESS is the POWER OF HUMBLE ENERGY. Energy to move, create, laugh, live and GO. GO to do what comes into your mind. Go to do and reach your most innermost desires. GO to show others it is possible. GO to do what ever you like to do with the best intention and IMMENSE self esteem. For me it is to GO and COOK, to go and TEACH, to go and SHARE, to go and WRITE the knowledge that has been transmitted to me through out life; making me each day older, one day smarter. Smarter in LIVING i.e. WELLNESS.

Wellness needs some basic nurturing, family and community to belong to, love, to receive and to give and very importantly freedom. Freedom to live a safe life, to have the opportunity to learn, to express yourself and to listen, to be a child, to be a teen, to be an adult and to be elder. To allow each other to be at the place and time they are, without judgement. To accept what comes along, and to cry, feel, mourn, be distressed yet knowing there is a space for all this to happen and to let it go.

So I can help you with one little thing; to cook and learn to enjoy all your food. THERE IS NO BAD AND NO GOOD FOOD. Food has been placed in our surroundings… lets learn how to use it. Whatever it is, for whomever of us it goes to. All Food will take us from creation to the day we leave this world. It will make us grow and allow us to live with energy, strength and movement To realize our full potential.

Receta de Ensalada de Repollo Rojo

Receta de Ensalada de Repollo Rojo

6 porciones

1 repollo rojo, pequeño
2 limones o limas, su jugo
1 cucharada de aceite de ajonjolí oscuro

opcional zanahoria rallada y – o hinojo rallado, manzana y’o espinaca, fresas, etc. etc

1. Rallar el repollo sin el corazón.
2. Coloque el jugo de los limones, aceite de ajonjolí oscuro y pimienta en un tazón.
3. Vierta el repollo tajado y mezcle bien.



Lentejas Colombianas en 30 min

LentejasColombianas en 30 min

1 lb lenteja
1 cebolla cortada en 2
2 tomates enteros y una zanahoria cortada en 2
2 ramas cilantro
1 cucharadita sal, o menos, al gusto
1.     Coloque las lentejas secas en la olla, vierta agua que las cubra y un poco mas que  sea un cm de alto. Agregue la zanahoria a las lentejas. Coloque una parilla sobre las lentejas y coloque allí la cebolla y los tomates. Cocine 8 min.
2.     Retire zanahoria, cebolla, tomates y licue con 2 ramas de cilantro, 1/2 taza de líquido que soltaron las lentejas y 1/2 taza lentejas cocidas.

3. Vierta lo licuado de vuelta a la olla y mezcle. Sirva!!!!!

The Mediterranean Diet and Obesity Challenge

From Pachi to YOU !!!!  In my humble opinion…….Just arriving from Milan this week, while working on a book with a scientist and writing recipes for his students, I came to a startling conclusion. Studies may show many versions of dietary habits and the various populations of the world, but none has been able to come up with a theory that will reduce obesity in the US.
The one single diet that is being talked about the most in Universities nowadays, the Mediterranean diet, will never be able to get the american population back into track. European way of life, is what is most different in the characterization of these humans. And this, can not be copied in the societal structure of the US.
For one, the fact that Europeans sit and enjoy the food they eat and the wine they drink, is one of the major differences in both societies. The level of hormonal stress in each eating atmosphere is completely different and begins one of the cellular intoxications of one and allows for the emotional detox of the other.
Weekends, especially sundays are days for families to walk around town, sit and watch others, take the train to towns where friends or family will meet them for a glass of wine or a day on the lawn with fresh bread, cheese and sun to release all the emotions held up by the week of work. Sharing with others, talking about politics, religion and even family issues is done in parks, along rivers, and other community oriented places. This too, allows for the human nature of people to connect, release and restart the week with a new charged brain, that is not only less tired but also less stressed; unconsciously. Children too, feel the emotions released in communal exchanges, good and bad, loud and silent, allowing them to learn how to manage their future emotional distresses.
The work load might be just as stressing in both continents, but the way to get to and from work is a bit different, the scenery, the home structure, begging with breakfast at home, the food they take or send to schools and offices, and the even the kitchens are constructed differently. They are made to be used, to be refilled several times a week and to be producing smaller amounts of foods for a family of 3 or 4. It is completely visible and felt if you attend an appliance fair in Europe and one in the US. The european refrigerator, for example, is much smaller, it is designed for a different consumer, much to the joy of those watching them as for those using them. They are sleek, practical, quiet, and take up 20 to 30 percent less space than american appliances do. 
Beyond the food being served, eating is a joyful event. There is no staring at people eating the bread or sipping the wine. If people order dessert, the size of the dish is definitely for one, therefore there is no need to bring six spoons to one order. And no one leaves the table feeling stuffed and saying it. There is no such thing as guilt at the mediterranean table. There is joy, conversation, sometimes heavy conversation, but always communication. No ipads on children, iphones on adults, only people enjoying the moment with all their electronics in their bags where they belong.
And by the way, kitchen design is far ahead in new products that we would tend to believe so. I just found high quality flash freezers, steam ovens, vacuum packers and food defrosters and coolers, all the size of a medium to small sized microwave oven, placed in walls that take almost no space, all available to the european men and women that cook at home. And by the way eat out a lot too!

Patricia McCausland – Gallo, CCP –  Foods and Nutrition – 

Pachi´s Blog en Creative Culinary

DISCOVER wellness in FOOD

creative culinary by PACHI 
Discover Wellness in Food
Food is a diverse as the whole world is. Nowadays we can have a meal from a different country each day of the week for many weeks. We can discover that other people eat other combinations of your foods or totally different kinds of them. As is in the case of artists and painters, we can find a palate of colors in our surroundings and sometimes even in our local markets. More and more we are coming across product in languages we do not understand but ones we can be taught about, and how to use them on the internet from our homes and even from our phones immediately after we run across them. There are even apps to help you decipher what a food labeled in a different language is, tastes like, how to eat it, cook it and more.
DISCOVERY FOOD, is a personal channel we can create. We can indulge in different foods nowadays and explore what people far away eat and feel. Animal foods like Bison, Venison, Duck and event Ants are all there for us to explore. Colorful fruit like passionfruit, Anonía Berry, , Pichuberries, Mulberies, Lúcuma some with protein content and iron. Heirloom and heritage seeds with great digestive properties, fermentative possibilities, Omega-fatty acids and with higher protein content such as the Andean Quinoa and with black red and yellow colors, Chia, Flax and Hemp. Even heirloom wheat, buckwheat, farro and millet, and other grains that are minimally processes and very well tolerated by our bodies. Spices have long traveled from one continent to the other, but now everyone is trying them, discovering the amazing changes they can make in every day foods and in physical health. 
DISCOVER cooking utensils that simplify your life, reduce cooking time and are as beautiful as any decorative piece you might want in your living room. Kitchens are nowadays the place to be, and the most fun to decorate with beautiful artifacts from many cultures that we can discover. Food preparation utensils with cooking methods like TAJINE, from Morocco are now available for people all across the Americas, and this is an old way to cook with out supervision, one dish, amazingly delicious food. There are countless appliances in color, form and matter, to walks us through preparing meals for our bodies´welfare and our families´togetherness. 
DISCOVER this multicultural society that has allowed us to discover many types of food, ways of eating, cooking and sharing at tables high and low and even in simple pillows. Restaurants, food carts, supermarkets, food stands and event street vendors standing at stop signs selling mystery foods for us to discover. They make part of social events, family gatherings and sometimes even to-go foods as we hurry into a overpopulated territory we dive into daily at work. Discover the cultural diversity though food and open up an array of new experiences that will make you laugh, cry, make strange faces and sometimes get hooked on as has been the case with SUSHI.
DISCOVER the EVOLUTION OF DEVOLUTION.  The new consumer is looking for ways of tasting history of its own family, the old world or just mere curiosity about what made things happen when there was no use of mechanical aides. A peak into what their ancestors had to eat and drink in social and family environments. Many of them bringing back some of what made the ´good old days´, good. It is very common to find a person who’s family came from another continent, she or he was born in another country and now lives in the third or fourth city in his life. So they come with a vast array of food flavors in their memory and are ready to explore and discovery beyond his four squares of life. Micro-bakers are appearing all over the country as stand alone bakeries as well as part of restaurants niche menus. They mill their special flours from heritage seeds and non GMO varieties creating hearty breads that digest slower and are shown to help with slowing down of digestion, greatly reduce stomach discomfort and allow a feeling of lightness and comfort after eating them. the reduction of certain centered borne deceases. Micro-brewers again have spread throughout the country allowing young and old the reminiscing of handcrafted beers of different flavors that are fermented into highly digestible drinks filled with enzymes and bold flavors. Older quality millers, bakers, cooks, small in size but amazingly good in quality both product wise as in community life within their business and around their towns are growing in popularity without expanding enough to loose their motto. You have to reach out to see them, travel to taste their products and live a bit of their story. These are amazing trips to take as they are heartwarming an give a sense of a world that it doing the right thing. Some are getting out word by word, not necessarily in the media but we can all get to them and learn or at least absorb some of their generosity towards life and the earth. Chefs that keep their own small places, no matter how popular they become, the exact same way they always have are a delight to go to. 
Last but not least DISCOVER the mixture of sweet and savory foods that are being served at parties and social gatherings to elevate the tone of culture of the event. One example of these are the savory yogurt sauces filled with turmeric, curries, Moroccan spices and greek olives. Be a part of this fearless trial of the unknown. Worst case scenario, have a laugh and try something else another day. Remember we all have our own particular tastes and somethings will taste different, just enjoy the journey to all the variety of experiences this world has. Many of them are just a block away, just go!

Pachi´s Blog en Creative Culinary




Patricia McCausland-Gallo is a nutritionist, pastry chef, teacher, and food writer born in the Caribbean town of Barranquilla, Colombia. She has a B.S. in Foods and Nutrition from Louisiana State University, attended a School for Retort Operations, and completed courses of instruction prescribed by the Food and Drug Administration.