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My daughter´s wedding food by Cuquita Arias in Panamá

Hello again from Pachi the Colombian Cook 

This time I write about the wonderful woman who was able to read my mind and create with me the most spectacular sit down dinner for my daughter´s wedding.

We met twice for conversation and details of what I wanted and came up with the following menus. One for the sit down dinner and another for the late night partiers. 
The latter a completely Latin pulled beef and guandú rice with plantains.Soon I will post those pictures too, since I haven´t got them yet. 

Thanks to Chef Cuquita Arias de Calvo  and the Bristol Hotel for a perfect job that showed all the love placed into each and every plate. 

Last but not least an amazing wedding and sweet concoction set, decorated with real orchids over a matte frosting. Simple and beautiful.


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As you are well aware, the world is desperately struggling to loose weight and keep it off. 

Dr. Clyde and I are creating an invaluable nutrition resource so our readers can raise their metabolic rate and loose weight for life.
Our plan is the much-needed solution for all busy people battling with weight loss. With clear guidance on putting meals together to drive metabolism and on cooking techniques to get the most out of every minute in the kitchen, readers are expected to see just how simple the science and the culinary arts can be. Detailed yet straightforward explanations on the role of protein, fats and carbs, as well as recipes, tables and charts will be lifesaving tools forever.

Follow us! The project is divided in two parts, the science by DR CLYDE and the hands-on cooking guide by PACHI
Dr. Clyde Wilson, PhD                                               Patricia McCausland, CCP

Pachi´s Blog en Creative Culinary

PACHIs first self-sustainable cafeteria

Run by FUNCOIMPRA a first TIENDA or miniature food store that will make a feeding the children a reality. 
No need to ask for funds any more, the Tienda will make the cafeteria SELF SUSTAINABLE!

HORA: 1:00P.M.  
CONTACTANOS  AL: (507) 2292544, MOVIL: 69515698. (Lic.: LUISA MCDONALD.).
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Will seasoning chicken beat the battle against Obesity?

There are many battles to be fought when obesity comes to the table, but, there is one good and inexpensive food whose image could be easily changed, and beat. CHICKEN!

People view chicken as an unchallenged food, not only because it is inexpensive, but because it is usually very bland. Chicken pieces that are sold fresh or frozen are mainly breasts.  Wing, Drumsticks chops and tenderloin or filets are rarely bought for home cooking. Most of the chicken legs are exported to third world countries and sold for pennies, filets or tenderloins are now starting to be sold on their own but are not found everywhere. On the other hand in many countries, chicken is regarded as a very expensive food even though it still has no pzazzz. It is not chic to serve chicken at any social event.

In my opinion,
chicken could be the savior of many family meals, at a very low cost and with almost no cooking skill needed. Chicken on its own has no characteristic flavor; some people say the chicken they buy tastes like plastic, others say it tastes bland, and even the ones that buy the free range and unprocessed highest quality chicken say it can be ¨just chicken¨.

Chicken can be exciting, colorful, delicious…think of a piece of herb roasted chicken, a tandoori or a Latin onion and tomato smothered one. (translate the page on the top right hand)

The first thing that needs to be done is to wash chicken pieces in order to remove some of the flavors brought about different types of packaging. Processed, frozen and plastic bagged plain skinless chicken pieces can smell, taste and look like plastic. You can immediately tell when a restaurant uses processed skinless breasts the minute you see them. Some can look like the pieces nutritionists use to show patients  portion sizes. Some are all identical, look cloned, which feels like being invited to eat at the Jetsons (the TV show from the 90’s or to a TV dinner from the 70″S), to a person who is used to eating natural chicken pieces. Organic, unprocessed chicken needs to be washed and patted dry too.

The second and most important flavor defining step is to season the chicken. Chicken placed in a pan with salt and pepper tastes like salt and pepper. Even if you use the best oil to cook it. There are many ways to season chicken that will make you fall in love with it again. This means no excess pepper, no excess spice

and flavors that can come through when eating chicken. Flavors that are sensual, make you feel, smell, touch and taste a delicious food that you used to eat many years ago. It is not necessary for chicken to be organic, though I’d rather eat the organic ones, but regular supermarket whole chickens can be prepared in less that 3 minutes, refrigerated for the evening or for the next day. Place them on a zipper bag and simple bake the whole bird on a cheap baking pan, even a disposable one and enjoy a marvelous dinner for 4. Smaller pieces can be seasoned for 20 to 30 minutes or overnight too. Season your weekly portions and freeze them; then defrost them under running water or refrigerated during the day.

When chicken is seasoned it needs no sauce to go with it, it is delicious on its own. Serve it with a simple green salad, a baked potato and your choice of vegetable. Make the chicken be the centerpiece of your dinner and give your family the protein it needs. Leave them satisfied with a delicious meal and sit comfortably with them on the table.

Baking chicken is the best way to cook it without having to check on it. The same holds for chicken pieces and even chicken wings. Whole chicken and pieces with skin, which I cook with all the time, even if I discard the cooked skin, should be seasoned beneath the skin. If any poultry is seasoned on the skin, it will loose all its taste once the skin is gone. Also is the seasoning is placed over the skin, the chicken meat will not be seasoned at all. This is a simple TIP for all of us with palates that love tasty delicious food!

Enjoy many recipes at
remember to translate on the top L.
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A Grand Simple Dinner for Family and Friends

Last night I had people over and wanted to give them an easy all baked delicious dinner. Early on I seasoned two whole chickens with some yogurt blended with herbs and pepper. Placed it into the birds´skin and left them refrigerated all day. At 5 p.m. when I came back I took them out of the fridge with 12 Roma tomatoes, some sprigs of thyme I had frozen, a can of Spanish Artichoke hearts in olive oil and brown rice.
For starters I turned the oven, a gas range, on at 300F while I cut the tomatoes in half. Placed them on an olive oil sprayed baking pan and sprinkled them with salt, pepper, olive oil and placed the sprigs of thyme over them. Placed them in the oven and prepared the rice. My whole grain brown rice is prepared identically as my white rice, with twice the water than rice, only I cover it, place it in low immediately after the water comes to a boil and leave it unopened for 50 minutes. Then it is perfectly open and delicious. By then the chicken pan was room temperature, so I sprinkled some good quality salt and I placed them in the oven. I also added red wine to the pan to cover all the surface with about 1/8 of an inch.
Two hours later I had two whole chickens baked and the tomatoes were deliciously sweet and aromatic. I covered the chickens with foil for 5 minutes while I served the table. the tomatoes went into a platter and immediately I placed the drained artichoke hearts on the baking pan where the tomatoes had been cooked, swirled the pan and placed them bake in the oven with the heat now increased to 400.
I served the rice with a tablespoon of picadillo or Latin Salsa, the wine roasted tomato halves with a mozzarella cut into pieces

, the chickens and removed the artichoke hearts from the oven and placed them onto a small serving dish.
Voilá a delicious meal all baked, no stress, healthy and aromatic, sweet, delicious, savory and one where we could all sit at the table together.

Best wishes cooking for friends and family.


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Patricia McCausland-Gallo is a nutritionist, pastry chef, teacher, and food writer born in the Caribbean town of Barranquilla, Colombia. She has a B.S. in Foods and Nutrition from Louisiana State University, attended a School for Retort Operations, and completed courses of instruction prescribed by the Food and Drug Administration.